Saturday, 18 August 2018

Reading "No Friend But the Mountains" written by Behrouz Boochani

Prose and poetry written and distributed to translators in tweets.
This book brings shame and tears.
Would that everyone reads this account of the journey to Manus.

 I am only 2/3rds of the way through his account and recommend all to read - if not the book itself, a least look in on

or listen here

Monday, 13 August 2018

Great cheer-up on a snuffly day.

Woke with the first head cold since I cannot remember when. Hot shower for the steam, nightdress, dressing-gown, recliner, remote, list of recorded programs while sniffing eucalyptus soaked tissues when .....
Intercom buzzed (and I have yet to grasp how to use it properly) so bare-footed down the hall, into the lift, out to foyer and entrance to catch postman as he was about to make out a card.
A parcel.
Not expected.
Whom? On the  back a Norseman address which told me who, confirmed by the card within the package after unwrapping a crocheted rug. Quoting from card (with Jacquie's consent)
"Well you may be surprised by this rug, but I just had to make it after reading Mixed Fortunes and read how the eucalyptus leaves from Australia had been mixed with Jorie Moneypenny's secret herbs to make the wool dye and then continued reading to a spot that mentioned a rug with scalloped edge, it was a no-brainer. So here it is, whether the right colour or not, it's green with many shades and the scalloped edge which was the catalyst.
So, a mixture (colours green) of the wool dye and the Great Western Woodlands.
Your book was marvellous. Really enjoyed it and became quite involved in the whole story line. I even went to see 123 Angove Street. Of course it is a block but it could have been a house once.** A very clever and involved story, so descriptive too and easy to visualise the buildings and scenery. You are certainly a legend, Isabel." (Am including that sentence as a forgivable brag?)

** I knew it had always been a vacant block in reality from the time I put together the database consisting of all the rates payments on each Norseman property from the first block sales until I finished the input sometime in the early 2000's. Thanks to someone else triggering my search for my name in Trove, I hope the folder I could not find and thought lost, is that which someone has lodged with the WA State Library. For anyone handy to the WA State Library,
3rd Floor Stack, Call # Q 929.3941 RAT for use in the library, Request Retrieval
I would love to know what it consists of. It may be just a database format of rates, or it may include population and employment information, plus armed forces details. It would be lovely to find out that all that work was not, after all, lost forever. Kept me off he streets while living in Norseman. Well, that and the cemetery data.

Busy sneezing and glad of this screen between us so I can keep my germs to myself!

Keep well, and if you have bought or downloaded a copy of any of my writing I would love to hear from you. It is feedback which every writer finds nourishing.

Take care
Till the next time

Saturday, 7 July 2018

The Sin of Silence

This morning I woke to the realisation that my four closest friends are childless and from what I have heard them say, over the many years, this is something they have accepted, not regretted and just got on with their lives.
For each moment they may have wished they had a child, there are many moments when they are very glad they did not. (I can only hope it is not my example as a parent which has given them such relief!)
This is in contrast to those desperate women who finally brought to light the fraudulent and criminal behaviour of the 'gynaecologist' who has now been exposed, tried, convicted and sentenced.
What is so appalling, is that it took so long for his behaviour to be exposed.
The reason?
Too many, far too many women (and their partners) did not protest or question some of his procedures.
It was only when three complaints had been received and publicised that earlier incidences came to light.
What were all those people thinking?
Is the desperation for a child so strong they will overlook and accept appalling practices? If the first, second and third had spoken out many women would have been spared the trauma. Is their level uncertainty or experience such they cannot ask their GP whether such and such activity is normal? Do they not have some internal compass which tells them, "hey, this is so wrong?"

As well as my four friends - each of whom lead productive and fulfilling lives - a cousin's granddaughter tells me she has no children of her own, but has fostered many children; one, a girl, whom is considered her 'daughter'.

I have to accept there are many women driven by a desire to be a mother. As the eldest of seven children and myself able to get pregnant more readily than I would have wished, I find myself unable to empathise with the unmet desire for a child.

Similarly, I have very little sympathy for all those who have, years later, come out of the woodwork to complain about sexual harassment. If it did not bother enough at the time to take action or complain then keeping silent is the sin for which others will later pay the price.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Running around in circles ; caught in (spider's) web?

Have had a long sit-down at the desk and sorted out my various on-line 'homes' as my playing around, aka experimenting has, at some time, to STOP and settle down.
I don't know how I could expect anyone to 'follow' if I keep changing web places and spaces.
Now my actual home base is as permanent as can be for any pensioner I had best knuckle down within some more limited web spaces.
Having suspended my Facebook account until the first draft of my current work-in-progress is complete, I find I have more time available - which I should be using for the wip. BUT, my progress is slow and picky.
Although I have a fairly detailed outline, each work session brings more, and may I say, better, ideas. When one of these hits my head I find the best way forward is to think it through and all implications for that previously written. There is no way I want to go back and rewrite to accommodate where I can add a twist or two and have both trains of thought out there.

This post is really to test how all my on-line blogs/sites are shaping up.
Forgive my prattling on if you have chanced across this.

Friday, 29 June 2018

Am I about to confuse myself?

This afternoon I created a private blog restricted to a limited number of female relatives. This followed the passing of my cousin, Hazel, leaving me the oldest in the distaff line from Isabel Day Sanderson/Donaldson.

This post is really  a test to ensure I am able to manage a public site which could replace a formal web-site as well as the private site as mentioned above.

If this is possible, then I may create a third to replace the wordpress site -the hosting of which is paid until the end of this (2108) year. If I can prove to myself to be a clever clogs I will be able to save a fair bit of my limited resources.

Fingers crossed.